SGA SA has been active in the field of IT since 1996, with the main activity of producing Integrated Information Systems (IIS), for Chambers of commerce and other Legal Entities of Public Law and ERP / CRM / MRP / WMS for Industrial - Commercial Enterprises. SGA products run in a Windows environment, for which our company uses the MsSQL and MySQL server databases.

The company is also involved in: designing and deploying computer networks on local and national level, producing a single computer system, installing and operating various types of servers such as data, terminal, e-mail, fax, web servers etc. using Microsoft software products, as well as full installation and operation of workstations.

Finally, it undertakes the deployment of industrial production systems, fully integrating them into its software applications.
The above services are supported remotely, using remote support software and, if necessary, by visiting an on-site specialist.
SGA software products can be instantly installed and used by many different private and public entities.

There are, of course, cases in which the development and operation of specialized integrated information systems (IISs) is required for full computerized business coverage. SGA undertakes the development of such systems, which requires the complete adjustment of its software products to the specific characteristics of the business.

The philosophy of SGA is for applications to be tailored to the needs of the business, not the business to adapt its processes to them.




Eanthos 2A & Etn. Antistasheos
551 33 Thessaloniki



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